Spirit of Africa Necklace


This mixture of Lime, Gold, Coral and black are made from recycled glass. Due to each piece’s individuality, all sizes and lengths are approximate. (~19″)

These recycled glass beads were handmade in Ghana by Grace Joe. The money she earns helps to keep her nephew in school and covers the food bills for her son, who lives away from home and is training to be a mechanic. She would like to save money so she can build her own family home which will give her peace of mind, and set up a shop where she can sell her own beads directly to customers.

Grace Joe also trained her daughter in the production of these beaded projects and she co-founded a training center which provides employment to more than 10 young women who struggle to make ends meet. Most of the women, aged 18 upwards, have completed junior secondary school. The center provides training in product assembly and a fair living wage.

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